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Vista doesn’t trust me!

August 20, 2008

I finally made the leap to Vista, which in truth was more down to my laptop requiring a complete overhaul than my desire to keep up with the Jones’s 😉

After the hours of installs, service packs and updates I was up and running and ready to dev again.

I recently downloaded some code to play around with and on extracting the zip file, opening Visual Studio 2008 and attempting the run the unit tests I got this error:

Test Run deployment issue.  File or location … isn’t trusted

…and all of my unit tests failed to execute.

I searched the web and finally found out that Vista had blocked the zip file I downloaded and subsequently the files extracted from it (strangely though…not all of them).

This issue is easily overcome by clicking the Unblock button under right click -> properties for each offending file.

File Properties Unblock

NOTE: The screenshot here is of my actual solution file which I have not unblocked as it does not seem to cause a problem.

If you have a load of files you need to unblock then look here.


Unit Test Trust Issue on Vista

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